The Fridge Is Not Necessarily Included

 Unless the refrigerator is built into and attached to either cabinetry or a wall, it is NOT automatic that it will remain with a house. When buying a home in the Charlotte NC area, some home sellers will offer to include the refrigerator with the sale of the home. Others will not and plan on taking the fridge with them.

 If you’re unsure whether or not the fridge will remain with the house, it’s better to ask than assume! Some refrigerators may appear built-in but in reality they simply slide out of the space and are not attached.

 Since many refrigerators are simply in a space and not attached to it, the sellers can very well choose to take that refrigerator with them. Anything not attached or built-in is considered the sellers personal property and the refrigerator many times becomes a negotiation point between Charlotte NC buyers and home sellers.

 Buyers may like the style of the fridge, and also like the idea of not having to run out and purchase one of their own. Sellers may also want to just take their current fridge with them to their new place or they may actually really like that fridge (especially if they’ve just recently bought it!).

 As a Charlotte NC home buyer, if you’re expecting the existing refrigerator to remain with the house, make sure it’s in writing (sometimes make, color and model info helps too!). If it’s not the seller may just take their personal property (refrigerator) with them when they move out which can lead to a nasty surprise for buyers at the pre-closing walk through!

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