This Is Just Out of Control

 Leaving for my afternoon appointment today I didn’t realize that Charlotte had gone into panic mode and residents would choose to spend their afternoon waiting in line for gas. At every single gas station that was not out of gas, there was a line of cars backing up into the roadway (sometimes for blocks).

 Not just one or two gas stations, every single one that I passed with any gas to sell, the line of cars stretching into the road – and subsequent traffic mess – was a given.

 Seriously?!?! I really have trouble believing that every car in each of those lines was literally on or near the empty mark just this afternoon.  I mean really, what a coincidence that so many cars would be in danger of an empty tank on this same afternoon, are you kidding me?

 I’m not discounting that since Hurricane Ike Charlotte area stations have had issues with keeping supplies and without a doubt even earlier this week some had limits on the amount of gallons and type of gas they had.  What I find amazing is that the response to this is for half of the city to decide to literally spend the better part of their afternoon/evening waiting in line at gas stations all over town – and were their cars running while they waited?  I just have to wonder.

 A little common sense goes a long way, OR maybe we can all look forward to hearing the “gas station backup” report along with the local traffic updates.


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