There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect House

  It doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as a perfect house. There is not a house in existence that doesn’t require maintenance, never has a system or fixture break, or doesn’t require any type of investment over time.

  Even new construction will require upkeep and updating over time – actually newer construction homes can start to need updating within the first few years!

  Buyers searching for real estate in Charlotte NC can sometimes have the impression that everything should be absolutely perfect and not need any sort of investment and upkeep. That just isn’t reality. Whether the house was built last year or decades ago every house will require maintenance and an investment in keeping the house in good shape – cosmetically as well as functionally.

  Sellers tend to minimize any flaws or age/wear and tear to their Charlotte NC homes while buyers will tend to exaggerateany perceived flaws, whether it’s the age of the hvac system or roof, or the type of flooring and counter tops in Charlotte NC real estate for sale.

 With that being said, the “perfect house” for buyers should really mean the house that meets or exceeds the buyer’s needs as far as layout, space, property and location while falling within their budget of what they can realistically afford.

  Those houses are out there in the Charlotte NC real estate market and finding the “perfect house for the buyer” is what we strive for as agents. I won’t have to live in a house the buyer purchases…they will!!! So it’s not about my own preferences or a house that I would like, it’s about what will meet the buyer’s needs.  It’s really all about the buyer and their unique needs, desires and goals on every level of a Charlotte NC real estate search.

  When  buyers find the Charlotte NC home that they love coming home to, that they truly feel at home in and that they are excited about making their own, that’s without a doubt one of the most fulfilling aspects of what I do everyday.

  So while no house is truly perfect in every way, when searching Charlotte NC real estate for your first or next home, it’s about more than just bedrooms/bathrooms.  It’s about how a house matches your needs and finding the place you’ll love calling your home.

Copyright©2008 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect House”

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