Paint and Perception with Real Estate in Charlotte NC

   A home’s interior paint can have a huge impact on how the home shows, how well it appeals to buyers, and can be a major factor in how buyers perceive the condition of a Charlotte NC home for sale.

  If a house looks like a crayon box exploded in it buyers are probably going to perceive that as a drawback (work they’ll have to do to change it and they’ll deduct $ for it).  On the other hand, paint that’s fresh with colors that aren’t offensive can make a house feel inviting and welcoming.

  Paint doesn’t have to all be the same color throughout the house, neighboring rooms just shouldn’t “clash” with each other.  Neutral colors are good but stark white can appear sterile and uninviting.  Most home buyers aren’t looking for an antiseptic feel, they’re searching for a place to call home.

  Paint in a home is NOT an upgrade or improvement, it’s maintenance and buyers expect paint to be in good condition – well maintained.  While a fresh coat of paint may not add a dollar amount to a home for sale in Charlotte NC, it will most definitely impact how that Charlotte NC home compares to the competing real estate for sale in Charlotte NC.

  These days, when it comes to buyers searching for homes in Charlotte NC, condition and value are top priorities.  Paint most definitely plays a huge role in a buyers perception of available homes for sale in Charlotte NC – for better or worse! With elevated levels of real estate for sale in Charlotte NC standing out from the competition isn’t an option, it’s an absolute must when it comes to selling a home in Charlotte NC.

   Now, all that being said – a nice warm, neutral and inviting paint job isn’t going to overcome an inflated list price – paint’s a tool to accent a competitively priced Charlotte NC home, it’s NOT a cure for an overpriced home for sale in Charlotte NC.  

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Paint and Perception with Real Estate in Charlotte NC”


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