What Exactly Do Real Estate Agents Do?

   Sorry to disappoint but no, this isn’t some long list of all the things real estate brokers do, as enthralling as I’m sure that would be. 

   I recently read a post by Jennifer Allan who used the most concise, explicit, eloquent phrase I’ve ever seen to explain exactly what it is that real estate brokers/agents do – “manage and facilitate the exchange of real property”. 

   Buying a home or selling a home in Charlotte NC is a process, a complicated one that’s constantly subject to shifting real estate market conditions.   It’s that home buying or selling process that we go through with our clients, helping them navigate it, managing and troubleshooting when if issues arise.

   Knowing (and noticing) when red flags start waving at any point in the process.  Being a problem solving resource and a support for our clients as we help them navigate the process of buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC.  

   Helping them to evaluate options at every step of the way, so they have a chance to make an informed decision NOT just at the time of an offer negotiation but at each decision point in the process.  

   While the steps of the process are similar, each buyer and seller’s path to successfully moving in or moving on will be unique.  Every home buyer or seller in Charlotte NC will encounter challenges and opportunities.  The key is to identify and work through the challenges while recognizing opportunities.

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