When Selling Your Charlotte NC Home, It’s All About What You Can (and Can’t) Control


    When selling your home in Charlotte NC it’s important to keep in mind what you can and cannot control.  In fact during the home selling process there will be a LOT of things that you won’t have control over, but it can help to focus on the things that are within your “sphere of influence”.

    You CAN’T control how many other nearby homes are for sale (the competition), how those homes are priced or what features they offer.   You CAN control how your home’s price, condition and features measure up (compare) to those other homes, also known as “don’t over price” and look like a waste of time to home buyers.  Buyers and their buyer’s agents are perceptive….

    You CAN’T control what other (similar) homes nearby have sold for or what the realistic market value of your home is right now.  You CAN control your response to and acknowledgement of your home’s current market value.  Don’t like it? Don’t sell right now.  Values will indeed shift, I just can’t tell you if they’ll be better or worse for you 6/12 months from now.

    You CAN’T control when a buyer’s going to want to see your home (that’s assuming you have buyers interested, see the first two points).  You CAN control how easy your home is to show, how accessible it is to buyer’s agents, how flexible your are when you get a showing request.  Hint: 24 hr notice, restricting to certain days or times isn’t going to work in your favor.

    You CAN’T control how much or what terms a buyer offers you for your home.  You CAN control your response to a buyer’s offer.  And when you do receive an offer I’d suggest getting the “rejection” option out of your response repertoire.  Counteroffers are your friend.  Use them.

    When selling your home in Charlotte NC, especially these days it’s not a road without challenge, frustration and a LOT of factors that are truly outside of your control.   You do however control how you Choose to respond to the things that you can’t control. 

    And really, your choices of response to things outside your control when selling a home in Charlotte NC can do wonders to make your home an appealing, competitive and alluring option for home buyers…..there are still a few looking for homes to buy in Charlotte 🙂

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Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “When Selling Your Charlotte NC Home, It’s All About What You Can (and Can’t) Control”


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