A Great Resource To Know, but Hope You Never Need – CPR Cell Phone Repair in Charlotte NC


The bright side of having a firsthand encounter with exactly how incompatible water and smartphones are I found an amazing local resource at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Charlotte.

One of those things you hope you never need but when you do it’s just priceless.  Until yesterday I had never heard of this place but now that I have and they saved my phone – have to share!

There was very little info or reviews about this local Charlotte store that does cell phone (and computer/electronics) repairs but well, my phone had taken a bath and the only word that comes to mind is PANIC!  Yes, aside from stupid for having it near water in the first place.

So I brought them my phone and within a few hours they had dried it (there was still water in it even though it looked dry), figured out the system board (whatever that is) couldn’t be saved but backed up my data and pictures, replaced the system board and….my phone was back from the dead!!!!  Literally in hours.

Now if I’d known this place even existed I’d have brought them the phone immediately after its aquatic encounter but really want to let others know about CPR Cell Phone repair in Charlotte – I hope you never need them but if you do, RUN don’t walk to get there 🙂

CPR Cell Phone Repair is located at the Carolina Place Mall on the lower level just outside of Belk, walking out of Belk they’re on the right side.  Their phone # is 704-831-8313.  They also repair other electronics in addition to cell phones, if you have a question give them a call or visit them online at CPR Cell Phone Charlotte NC

The place may not look like much, it’s by no means a fancy or trendy spot BUT they know what they’re doing and if I have a cell phone or computer issue that’s all that really matters to me.

THANKS CPR Charlotte, you ROCK!!!!

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