Charlotte NC Home Buyer Success Story! First Time Home Buyer, Gerald

Buying a first home in the Charlotte NC area was a goal of Gerald’s for quite some time. He could’ve been discouraged or given up along the way with some setbacks and delays he encountered.

I met Gerald through a family member of his, and we kept in touch while he made progress on his path to becoming a well qualified home buyer. As he moved toward being ready to buy his first home he and I talked extensively through pros/cons of homes he was considering and he was able to focus on his preferred areas.

We evaluated short sales, foreclosures and regular owner homes for sale so that he could consider all aspects – whether any given home was a good match for his financing was also a consideration.

Gerald purchased a wonderful home in a neighborhood that he knew and liked, close to his job (cut his commute by more than half!) and was SO proud to have successfully accomplished his goal of buying a home. I was and am REALLY proud of him too 🙂

He has referred other family members to me and wrote me a really beautiful note after closing which is still very special to me and began “words cannot express how thankful I am to have had you working with me to achieve this goal of mine”.

The outstanding mortgage pro who was a key partner in Gerald’s journey to home ownership was Kelly Waugh at Fairway Mortgage, and she was fantastic throughout the process!

Who do you know with a goal of purchasing their first home in Charlotte? The path to buying a home is unique for every home buyer but with a little perseverance and dedication it can truly make a dream and goal come true. Even if they’re at the very beginning of their home buying path if they need support or guidance I’d love to connect with them!

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