Charlotte NC Home Buyer Success Story – Alex’s First Home in Charlotte

Alex had moved to Charlotte several years ago, knew he planned to stay in the area and was tired of paying rent every month for the house he’d lived in since arriving in Charlotte.

He had owned a home in another area before moving to Charlotte, was careful about finances and had evaluated mortgage options with a local mortgage planner. He knew he could afford to buy a home for significantly less than he paid in rent.

He could have continued renting for years to come as the home buying process seemed overwhelming.

We talked through what was most important to him both now and in the future, including not just aspects of a house but also commute, location and amenities. I previewed available options in order for Alex to focus on the best of what was available within his budget and preferred locations.

He bought a fantastic home in move-in ready condition with a great yard for his dog in an established neighborhood literally minutes from his job. His home ended up being in an area he’d driven past often but never explored until searching for a home of his own.

Alex has since referred colleagues and friends new to the area and has said “I’m so happy with this place, it’s the perfect-for-me home and I still can’t believe it’s mine!”

Do you know anyone currently renting in the area with a goal of buying a home of their own? The process CAN seem overwhelming but it can also be a lot of fun. Contact me at – I’d love to hear about the home buying goals of anyone you know planning to buy a place of their own, they’ll receive the same expert guidance and support as Alex!

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