Buying a Home in Charlotte NC: The Sellers HAVE to Make Repairs

When buying a home in the Charlotte area, the sellers HAVE to agree to make any and all repairs you request, right?!

Well, no. The sellers are not REQUIRED to make repairs.

Can you request that the sellers make repairs? Sure, in most cases.

Might the sellers agree to some, most or all of the repairs you request? Certainly.

However, the sellers aren’t required to make repairs. When buying a home in Charlotte, there may very well be items that you’d like the sellers to address, and it’s absolutely possible to negotiate that while you’re under contract in the due diligence period.

Having (and attending!!) a home inspection on the home you’re buying is definitely a smart idea. I’ve never had a buyer opt not to have an inspection done.

The home inspection report that you pay for and receive is NOT however a list of items that sellers are required to address or repair.

What to expect when buying a home in Charlotte:

– Once under contract we’ll schedule a home inspection

Plan to attend the home inspection. It’s for your information and the home inspector works for you, ask any and all questions you have about the home. I’ll be there with you but can’t take your place, the inspector does not work for me!

– You’ll receive a home inspection report

– Once we have the inspection report we can start a conversation with the sellers regarding items you’d like to have them address or repair

– Any repairs are negotiable, it’s a matter of what you and the seller are both willing to agree to….in writing

BEWARE the due diligence deadline, once that date passes your earnest money isn’t refundable!

Note: this does not apply to bank owned, distressed or otherwise noted as-is properties.

We hope this information on home buying deposits has been helpful. What Home Buying Questions Do YOU Have? Contact Charlotte’s Best Exclusive Buyers Agent at and we’ll be happy to help.

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