Overpriced Charlotte Homes for Sale in a Sellers Market

You may have heard we are generally in a seller favored market with very low inventory. We have been for several years.

For many price points that is still true with demand well above the amount of available homes for sale.

Even with seller favored real estate market conditions, it’s actually still possible to overprice your home and end up sitting on the market for quite a while.

There are a few that I pass by all the time and watch as the prices keep being adjusted downward. And yet they’re still active and available.

These homes were priced WAY too high to begin with and in a market where multiple offers and contracts within days are not at all uncommon these overpriced homes sit and remain available.

Right now sellers have the opportunity to sell quickly…..when the home is priced realistically given the recent similar sales, the home’s living space and the condition.

When a home for sale sits on the market these days in many price points there are one of two things out of alignment with reality: price and/or condition.

Seller favored market conditions do not mean you can ask whatever YOU feel like when it comes to price. You must still factor in the most realistic pricing based on recent and similar activity as well as your home’s features.

If you’re planning to sell a Charlotte area home soon, please know there are some great opportunities but you can’t write your own rules when it comes to price, presentation and condition.

For your own good, please hire a real estate broker that will educate you on all of the factors to consider.

Buyers can absolutely tell when a price is out of alignment and they’ll pass on something that’s totally ludicrous. When I’m their buyers agent, I’ll strongly encourage them to pass on it as well! We’ll keep looking 😉

Copyright©2017 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Overpriced Charlotte Homes for Sale in a Sellers Market”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC’s real estate market serving neighborhoods in Charlotte NC




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