Single Women: Second Largest Category of Home Buyers

While traditional media and advertising may not indicate it, single women home buyers are the second largest category of home buyers in recent years.

Single women buyers (18%) have been outpacing single men home buyers (7%).

Single women include of course those who have never been married but also those who are divorced or widowed.

In my wide circle of friends some are married, some have never married, some are divorced (this is a higher amount than I ever realized before my own divorce!) and single, some are divorced and happily remarried.

Given a chance to go back and do it over again I can say that for myself I’d absolutely choose a ring with keys to my home over a diamond ring and the marriage I experienced. All day long. In fact in nearly two and a half years of being single I’ve at times stunned myself at how handy I am.

Joyfully divorced, I’m incredibly passionate about empowering divorced women home buyers, but am also passionate about ALL women buyers.

It just seems as though there’s a gap of communication directly to women considering buying a home, and it’s a different perspective for sure.

Single women home buyers have been on the rise and that’s a trend that I do think will continue. Whether you’ve never been married or are in the happily divorced category, you do NOT need a partner in order to successfully buy a home of your own.

Professionals that will educate, empower and communicate with you while looking out for your best interests are essential and will help make the home buying journey exciting.

I have been and continue to be so inspired by my single home buyer clients – serious badassery! I love working with you and keeping in touch as you make your house YOUR home 🙂

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