An Open Letter to My Ex Husband’s New Wife

I write this not for my ex’s new wife specifically but for anyone that it may help. Relationships with those on the narcissist or self absorbed spectrum are in a class of their own. After three years of deeply intense inner work and healing, the wisdom I’ve gained is indeed priceless.

To my ex husband’s new wife, there are some things I’d like to share and given that you’ve only heard one side of the story:

– You don’t yet know and can’t imagine the depth and severity of trauma he holds

– You don’t yet know and can’t imagine how that will impact you (and the children you’ve chosen to have)

– The unwillingness to confront underlying issues means he is only capable of perpetuating them

– There will come a day when you’ll look back and wonder how you missed ALL of the red flags

– I have such tremendous compassion for you because you will literally lie in the bed you’ve chosen for the rest of this lifetime. It’s your home now. Enjoy!!!!!!

–  You are not nor will you ever be crazy. If I had to guess I’d say you’re probably pretty empathic and sensitive.

– Let’s be sure to stay UNconnected.

There is not a day that passes when I am not immensely and tremendously grateful to be FREE of my ex husband. There are people that enter our lives as lessons and blessings. My ex happens to have brought both and the wisdom gained from that experience is priceless.

If you’re reading this and know of anyone divorcing, separating or rebuilding after a relationship tinged with narcissism I’m happy to connect you with any resources that may be helpful, reach out to me at:

Divorce was not a pathway I aspired to but it has been one of the most profoundly impactful and life changing journeys I’ve ever experienced. Three years ago I literally couldn’t imagine the amount of joy that could be in my life today.

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