Better Divorce Solutions, CDFA Financial Analyst in Charlotte NC

I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of Better Divorce Solutions this week and we had such an outstanding time connecting, I just have to share Kristen’s info and a little about what she does.

Kristen Hilty and I were introduced via a mutual friend and connection and it turns out we live just a few miles from one another in south Charlotte.

She is an incredible lady as well as deeply passionate about the work she’s doing. I’m not a hugger when I first meet people but I did hug Kristen as we said goodbye, I enjoyed our time together that much.

Kristen is the owner of Better Divorce Solutions here in Charlotte, NC and holds a CDFA designation which stands for Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Until this week I didn’t know CDFA was a thing, but turns out it is and it’s such a tremendous resource for those navigating divorce.

I can personally attest to the fact that divorce innately and inherently arrives with a financial impact, sometimes quite an extensive one.

Kristen utilizes her extensive financial planning knowledge and expertise to guide those walking through divorce to consider and make informed decisions related to their finances. Not just for now but also for their future.

She also has a wonderful grasp on the divorce process here in NC and also utilizes that in guiding clients. The state of NC does not make divorce quick but supportive resources to guide you through that process can be tremendously valuable, particularly when it relates to finances.

Her natural style is full of warmth, compassionate engagement and wisdom. She is AWESOME and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

If you or anyone you know is navigating, or just considering divorce please check out Better Divorce Solutions as a financial resource. Kristen’s direct # is 704-241-8213 and her email is

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