Ghosts of Past Connections

Connections are an interesting thing and there’s a fluidity and flexibility to them that I continue to witness.

Within the past few months ghosts of past connections have been showing up in a variety of ways for me. Everything from names being mentioned in conversation to me literally walking right by someone I used to know.

The most interesting awareness has been noticing my lack of reaction to all of it. Other than the recognition that we are not and will never again be connected. In any way.

Connection and at a deeper level heartfelt connection is a core value of mine. It has been a true benchmark in discerning the people in my life as well as the level of access they have earned.

There are some former connections that simply faded away, some that I intentionally withdrew from, and some that required me cutting them out of my life. When I have to cut it is swift, complete and non-negotiable.

In almost every single case, releasing those connections shared a few common themes: lack of shared values, effort rather than ease, and  not least of all clearing space for aligned connections to show up.

I may go from too many to zero fucks given to relationships of all kinds. It’s a learning curve but I’ll make no apologies for navigating this journey as I see fit and honoring myself and my values along the way.

Encountering ghosts of past connections these past few months continues to illuminate the fact that they no longer haunt my life. Freedom doesn’t always arrive all at once, sometimes it’s a process. A process that isn’t always easy or linear.

All of the ghosts of past connections brought wisdom and insight and for that I’m grateful. There is magic in both light and in darkness.

To the brilliant, beautiful, passionate, aligned people who continue to edge ever closer in access to me….let’s go have some more damn FUN this year and beyond. I love us.

Copyright©2018 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Ghosts of Past Connections”

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