The Freedom of Clearing Cyber Clutter

First of all, cyber clutter is a very real thing and it lives on our phones, devices and computers. Perhaps it’s most notable in our email inboxes though my own contact list and photo galleries could be called into question.

A while ago I got really intentional and really consistent at not just keeping up with email but actually clearing out my primary email folders. If not daily, usually weekly and by clearing out I mean there were literally NO emails in those folders.

Then I got away from that habit. Then it became overwhelming. More recently I’ve been actively ignoring several of those folders and in a couple of months it really got out of hand.

Cyber clutter is a visual and awareness irritant to me. I know it’s there even when I’m not reading or looking at it. That awareness of it brings stress and this weekend I decided some clearing and revising was in order.

So my trusted friends (Delete, File, Unsubscribe, and Block) joined me and together we cleaned up ALL of my gmail inbox folders. Unsubscribe and Block were particularly helpful in putting boundaries in place so such messiness doesn’t rapidly reappear.

File and I created many new folders to neatly hold all emails that I didn’t yet have a place for but do indeed want or need to have a record of in some way.

It feels like such an immense RELIEF to have my email back to an easily manageable status. Seriously, just knowing how ridiculously out of control my email had gotten was an invisible source of stress and overwhelm.

At the end of today I permanently deleted over 3,900 emails. And you know what? The world didn’t end and I feel so much more peace and productivity.

Cyber clutter is very real and the release of it can be just as liberating as getting rid of tangible items.

My newly refreshed email folders lasted about 5 minutes before another one arrived. But 1 or a few emails are far easier to manage than the thousands previously occupying that space.

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